Welcome to Fez an imperial city, a Moroccan jewel…

The « Fez Patio » is a superb riad which has survived the passage of centuries as well as the town’s history, Fez being an iconic city of Northern Morocco.

In 2006, a French couple purchased the riad and decided to restore it to its former glory. It took three years of restoration work to refurbish this exceptional property, reviving its original characteristics thanks to the use of traditional materials only. The “Fez Patio” is a place of sheer elegance, comfort and serenity. It boasts 8 rooms, spread over 3 floors, including 1 suite. Each room is unique and has its own bathroom, decorated with traditional mosaic tiles, known as zelliges.

While wandering through the corridors, look out for the riad’s four authentic fountains, hiding just around the next corner. The “Fez patio” also prides itself on an outstanding tree-planted terrace – one of the highest in Fez- that offers a unique panoramic view of the Medina and its surroundings.

Why not take time as well for a mint tea break on the riad’s bright patio and simply bask in the tranquility of this timeless haven?